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The Regrets of a Foreign By Natalie Tso/Taipei

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The Regrets of a Foreign By Natalie Tso/Taipei

Grooms kneel in the front of these brides during a mass marriage ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan.

«we cried a lot of times, it absolutely was offering human being meat!» says Autumn Fan of her connection with being vended by a wedding broker. Fan was in fact certainly one of about a hundred women offered to a team of Taiwanese bachelors during a matchmaking visit to Vietnam. Twelve at time, girls had been seated for a settee for the guys to eyeball.

«I becamen’t especially pleased or unfortunate about being plumped for,» claims Fan, who had been 19 at that time. «My brain ended up being just blank. I’d no concept whom this person was, just just what my future will be.» That they had supper, a date that is silent not enough a standard language, after which she married the foreigner so her moms and dads could earn $1,000.
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