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Advice From Top Women Management About Finding a Mentor

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Advice From Top Women Management About Finding a Mentor

I’m usually astonished whenever young committed ladies ask me how to locate a mentor. It’s a thing that i believe many women that are professional perhaps maybe maybe not find challenging. Yet, this concern continues.

This was validated by my recent meeting with Carolyn Lawrence, President and CEO of Women of Influence, Inc.

I happened to be at a conference recently for ladies of Influence, and was struck by something which happened. We had simply heard an engaging presentation on individual branding and exactly how getting nahead in operation. The area had been filled with acutely committed and well-heeled ladies poised inside their job and prepared for take-off. The presenter had simply opened within a floor for concerns, when a young woman raised her hand and asked the ubiquitous concern: “How do you really locate a mentor?” We seemed around, entirely amazed, and thinking to myself, are we nevertheless having this discussion?

Just like I’m thinking this through, we heard an other woman, this time around directly behind me personally, whisper to her friend ‘oh, that’s a good question!’

We reckon that’s my solution! We’re nevertheless dealing with this also it’s crucial. Perhaps we must get good at answering it.”

Women of Influence published their yearly a number of the Top 25 Women of Influence in Canada the 2009 November. At a gathering to commemorate these successful females, Carolyn asked them the way they discovered their mentors and just exactly just what advice they’d for ladies looking for mentors.

Here you will find the Top 9 approaches to find a mentor through the many influential feamales in Canada along side responses from Carolyn Lawrence.

Be coachable and start to become passionate. Claudia Hepburn, Executive Director, The Following 36

How will you show people that you’re coachable?
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